Grumman F9F Cougar

Stuart Mackay Models are pleased to bring you this exciting PSS or Electric Ducted Fan model of the famous US Naval fighter, flown both by the US Marines and, of course, by the famous US Navy Blue Angels aerobatic team. Not content with the current offerings in Electric Ducted Fan technology, we have tasked ourselves with developing probably the lightest and most efficient 90 mm fan unit for this model. The model, itself, comes finished in US Marines blue epoxy with scale decals already applied for you. The moulded epoxy surface, reproduces all the surface detail, such as rivets and panels, of the original aircraft. The fan clicks into its location and the entire inlet and outlet duct is already moulded into the model. Hinges are elastic flap on both ailerons and elevator. Your work is minimized to the installation of the fan unit and your three function (two aileron servos) avionics to get this hot-rod in the air, single-handed launching is by means of a catapult, and the efficient aerodynamic design will treat you to five minutes (2400 maH Nicads) of high speed (over 100 mph!) adrenaline rush..the low speed handling and stability is outstanding, but please remember, this isn't a Piper Cub, so no absolute beginners please!!!

Technical Specification:

Airframe construction: One piece blue epoxy wing panels (with ailerons gapless hinged) with moulded lower fan duct, tail surfaces with elevators hinged, epoxy fuselage with carbon re-inforcements, aluminium fuselage/wing locator/joiner, moulded epoxy upper fan duct. Clear moulded canopy with epoxy frame. US Marines decals.

Wing Span: 37 in. (94 cm) Length: 44 in. (110 cm)

Flying Weight: 2.2 kg (5 lbs) (Ducted Fan) Motor: Electric Fan or Power Scale Soarer 3 functions R/C required - elevator, ailerons (y-lead) & electronic speed controller. Mackay Turbo 90 electric fan unit required.

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist


Fan duct with fan in place

Moulded lower wing

Turbo 90 fan unit