Power in model aviation.
TURBO 90 Ducted Fan

To complement our range of jet aircraft, we have developed the state-of-the art 90 mm (3 inch) diameter electric ducted fan unit. Manufactured entirely from carbon fibre composite, lighter, stronger and more efficient than injection moulded plastic competitors, our fan unit weighs in at an amazing 50 grammes (the same weight as a standard servo!!). The units come test run and balanced. They are ideal for our Cougar, Me 262 (twin) and ducted fan aircraft in the 4-7 lb weight class. To produce the optimum results , we have developed two motor units matched to this fan:

Fan Speed
Static Thrust
Tailpipe Speed
Turbo XS8I -
16 cells
200 g
24000 rpm
515 watt
approx. 1.5 kg
51 m/s
Fan unit £110.00
Motor £95.00
Brushless 12-
12-16 cells
26000 rpm
585 watt
approx. 1.7 kg
55 m/s
Turbo Brushless 12- Integral speed controller- futaba/JR servo connector


Reg Smith's (Peterborough) scratch built Cessna Citation which uses two Turbo Brushless Fans.