Stuart Mackay Models are pleased to bring you this perfect scale rendition of the motor glider version of the world-famous, all-metal Czech sailplane, The LET 13 Blanik.

Utilising the same wings and tail surfaces as the Blanik, the Vivat enables flat-field soaring par excellence with either 0.60-0.91 four stroke or 16-20 cell electric power.

The outstanding feature of the model must surely be the fully moulded epoxy glass construction of all the main airframe components whose surface details mimic the original aluminium construction with scale panel lines and the distinctive swept forward wings with their tip fairings. The model is finished apart from motor/ radio installation, canopy fitting, magic tape hinging of control surfaces and conventional hinging of rudder. The wing panels have built-in servo boxes, joiner socket and incidence pins, the fuselage needs only to be drilled at the pre-marked points. Tail attachment is by a single nylon screw.

The distinctive shape of the model on the ground and soaring in thermals or performing mild aerobatics is a joy to behold. The model requires a minimum of 4 channels and features individual aileron servos and ready installed Schemp-Hirth airbrakes.

Technical Specification:

Airframe construction: Silver (white optional) epoxy wing panels (two piece), with internal structure and airbrakes installed, tail surfaces, fuselage, elevators, ailerons and rudder. Clear moulded canopy with epoxy frame. 12 mm Steel bar wing joiner.

Wing Span: 3.3 metre (132 inch) RG15 section Length: 1.75 metres (70 inch)

Flying Weight: from 5 kilos (11 lbs)


Mackay Supra XXL 20 or Supra Brushless Motor (16-20 cells)

OS 91, Laser 90 Fourstroke

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist


Carbon Under carriage and Main Wheels 45

Decal Set

Radio requirements:

Ailerons: 2 x Mini Metal gear servos

Rudder, elevator, brakes, throttle: 4 x Standard servos or 3 servos plus speed controller for electric version.

Harry Harland with his Vivat Motorglider. The engine is a Laser 70 Fourstroke.