DeHavilland DH82 A Tiger Moth

DeHavilland DH82 A Tiger Moth

Stuart Mackay Models are pleased to bring you a practical scale model of one of Sir Geoffrey DeHavilland's and Britain's most famous aircraft. The Tiger is known the world over and we wanted to demonstrate that composite construction may be used in small lightweight models, where it has distinct advantages over more traditional methods, we believe our model to be the most advanced and highly detailed version ever offered to the modelling public. The original's character has been captured perfectly in our proven all-moulded epoxy glass construction of all components. This enables incredible lightness, surface finish and detail accuracy. All control surfaces are already hinged for you, and this results in an incredibly quick assembly time, (our record is 3 hours!!) The Tiger comes in 1950's RAF Training colour scheme, representing the University of London Air Squadron. The aircraft comes as you see it, and for packing reasons, we let you solder the undercarriage, perform minor assembly and install your radio and geared (1.5- 1.8:1) Speed 400 electric motor with a 9x6 prop. The aircraft requires 3/4 function radio with miniature servos.

Technical Specification:

Airframe construction: Silver epoxy wing panels, tail surfaces, fuselage, cabane and interplane struts, with simulated fabric covering and rib stitching tape. Finished in RAF training colours. Gapless hinged control surfaces, pre-bent piano-wire under carriage.

Wing Span: 0.92 metres (36 inch) Length: 0.56 metres ( 25 inch)

Flying Weight: Electric- 0.8 kg (1.5 lbs) Motor: Speed 400 (8x700mAH cells)

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist


1.5 : 1 Geared Motor, Simprop BEC Speed Control

Lite Main Wheels

Tiger   Tiger