Terzi T30 Katana

Photo of original aircraft in flight over the
Dolomites (courtesy Pietro Terzi)

The full-size Katana is a single seat display and competition aerobatic aircraft manufactured in Milan by Pietro Terzi Ltd. It is an all metal aircraft with composite undercarriage, powered by a Lycoming IO-720 engine driving a four blade constant speed wooden propeller. It is stressed to +/- 12 G with a roll rate of 400 deg/s., a maximum level speed of 360 km/h (220 Mph) and a stall speed of 98 km/h (60 Mph).

Our Model is available in two sizes, 1/3 and (27%) scale. Each is a perfect rendition of this distinctive and elegant aerobatic machine. Replicating the original construction, our proven all-moulded epoxy glass composite structure guarantees perfect scale accuracy, excellent flight characteristics and a robust model for everyday flying. The Katana creates a stir wherever it is flown


Scale; 1:3    Span; 2.6 m(100 in.)    Length; 2.1 m (84 in.)

Motor: Mackay 60-90cc    Weight: from 10 kg (23 lbs)

Scale: 1:4 (27%)    Span: 2.08 m (83 inch)    Length: 1.73 m (70 in.)

Power: Mackay 30-45 cc    Weight: from 7 kg (14lbs)

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