Stuart Mackay Models are pleased to bring you a 1/3 scale version of the latest Russian aerobatic machine from the Sukhoi Design Bureau in Moscow. Our all glass model brings to you the further developed and optimsed version of the well proven SU 26. The SU 31 has a modified canopy / rear fuselage area, straight undercarriage with spatlets, this coupled with the unique radial cowling further enhances the aircraft’s presence on the ground and in flight. The aerospace quality epoxy glass mouldings of the fuselage, including cockpit panel and seat, wings and tail surfaces have all the rivets and panels finely moulded into the perfect white gelcoat surface. The impressive clear moulded canopy comes complete with a epoxy frame to allow scale hinging for access to the fuselage internals. The main under-carriage is moulded in carbon and the tail wheel and wheel spats are moulded in epoxy glass. To aid transport, the wing panels and horizontal tail surfaces, plug into alloy tubes and incidence dowels to ensure perfect alignment.

Construction consists of fitting ply reinforcement for engine and under-carriage mounting, scale hinging of control surfaces, fitting your choice of radio, engine and painting.

We recommend petrol engines from 80cc and upwards, the aircraft has been designed around the AW 90cc flat twin and 215 cc five cylinder radial. When fitted with these engines, the Sukhoi has unlimited vertical and prop hanging performance, without any sacrifice of the excellent low-speed handling.

Technical Specification:

Airframe construction: White epoxy wing panels, tail surfaces, fuselage, spats, elevators, ailerons and rudder. Clear moulded canopy. Ply reinforcing. Alloy tubular wing and tail joiner. Carbon undercarriage.

Wing Span: 2.6 metres (104 inch) Length: 2.3 metres ( 92 inch)

Flying Weight: 13.5 kilos and up Motor: 80-215cc

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist


Aluminium Spinner Epoxy Glass Tail Wheel

Main Wheels Epoxy Mount for AW 90

Computer Cut Vinyl Decals