Mudry CAP 21


Stuart Mackay Models are pleased to bring you an outstanding very large (40%) scale model of this fine French aerobatic aircraft, the mount of Louis Pena and Eric Mueller and winner of many World Championships.

The flight performance of this aircraft is perfectly duplicated in our models, the optimum moment arms, streamlined shape and wing section gives the model an enormous speed range and momentum to enable it to duplicate and surpass many of the manoevres previously only seen with the full-size aircraft. The CAP's aerobatic performance does not compromise it's slow speed handling. It impresses wherever it is flown and has won its class at La Ferte Alaisl.

The large, 1/2.5 scale model, (130 in/ 3.23 metre span) features our proven all-epoxy glass construction featuring a perfect surface finish complete with all the details of the original's panels surface detail. Carbon and Kevlar are used to strengthen the wing skins and spars for incredible wing strength, two piece wing panels and removable tail allows the CAP to fit in most estate cars. Suitable flat twin power-plants are from 120-160cc, our AW 160 Boxer exceeds the power/weight performance of the original by a considerable degree!!

The aircraft is fully painted in the mould, control surfaces hinged, (aileron/ flaps require four servos) and sliding canopy fitted. It requires only your power-plant and avionics to be installed. The undercarriage is ready for installation and the cowling is divided at the scale (top/bottom) position for easy access and adjustment whilst running.

The standard paint finish is F-WZCH and a scale cockpit interior is included.

Technical Specification:

Airframe construction: White epoxy plug in wing panels (two piece), fuselage, cowling, spats, carbon undercarriage, tail surfaces, fuselage, elevators, ailerons and rudder with all surface detail. Epoxy cockpit frame and smoke-tinted moulded canopy, alloy tube wing/tail joiner, cockpit interior, Krumscheid 6 inch spinner, wheels, control horns, instruction handbook.

Wing Span: 3.23 metres (130 inch) Length: 2.58 metres (100 inch)

Flying Weight: from 17.5 kg (39 lbs)

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist