Let Z-37 Cmelak


The Cmelak (Schmelak, english:BumbleBee) has been modelled on the tough czech ag-plane from the sixties, it's characteristic bent wing and tough radial cowled lines have been recreated to perfection by our craftsmen in a STOL aircraft that certainly will be a major attraction wherever it is flown.

The aircraft is ideally suited to our 215 cc Radial and the all epoxy glass mouldings recreate the rivets, panels and dents (!) of the original aircraft to perfection. Also featured are scale slots, fowler flaps and sprung undercarriage. The practicalities have not been forgotten and the two piece wing and detachable tail enable easy transport of this monster which has been kept under the 20 kg limit by the use of high tech composites in its construction. The finished components ensure a speedy assembly.

The Cmelak is an ideal aircraft for towing and its sound and presence will leave a lasting memory to all who see it in the air.

Span: 3.58 m (12 ft)

Length: 2.45 m (8ft)

Weight: 19 kg

Power: 90-215cc

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist