Power in model aviation.
75 cc Side or Rear Exhaust Petrol.

75 cc Side or Rear Exhaust Petrol

This lightweight 75 cc (4.6 cu inch capacity) powerhouse weighing just 70 oz is available in side or rear exhaust configuration for a compact and convenient installation. Mounting is by radial mount with an additional nose ring mount if required . It is ideal for aircraft from 25- 70 lbs weight.. Its very slim profile and low weight makes it ideal to power aircraft designed for traditional 60 cc petrol engines. With side exhaust and the accessory silencer, mounting forward of the firewall for radial or horizontally opposed prototypes, is easy. In its rear exhaust form, ideal applications are the many inline engine Warbirds. The engine is perfect or large scale aerobatic applications, offering convenience, cleanliness and reliability !! Each comes complete with a computerised ignition system with automatic advance/retard to enable easy starting, optimum power and low reliable idle It boasts one of the highest power/weight ratios for a petrol engine of this capacity. Suitable props are 24/10 (6900 rpm) - 26/12 (5100 rpm) inch with an effective expansion silencer.

75 cc  75 cc