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Krumscheid Mufflers, Tuned Pipes, Manifolds and Spinners:

This excellent range of products is used by all the world's top flyers, who want the best in silencing technology for their models.

They are used extensively at the Tournament of Champions by flyers such as Wolfgang and Roland Matt, the top german F3A-X flyers such as Alex Heindel who demand power with silencing capability to meet the stringent german environmental standards.

We are proud to be the distributors of these products to the english-speaking countries, we are sure once you have used one of these aluminium exhaust systems or spinners, you will not want to experiment with any other brand.

The Bolt-on silencers are offered for a wide range of 2 stroke engines and suit side winder motor installations, the exhaust outlet exiting to the aircraft underside as standard, however, if you have a special requirement, this can be accommodated to special order at a nominal cost.

The Inline silencers are designed to be used with one of the many manifold systems, joining to the manifold is made by means of Teflon coupler with clamps. Exhaust outlet is either a straight or a curved exit.

Other options are a smoker, to inject smoke oil into the exhaust system, to avoid problems with oil finding its way into the engine and causing it to stop.

The Seven-Chamber Silencer adds an additional 4 silencing chambers to the Inline Silencer, to make your big gas engine sound like an electric!!

The Tuned Pipes are designed to increase power, so you can go up a prop size (either in diameter or in pitch) over an engine equipped with an expansion silencer, they have a very wide bandwidth and come complete with resonant lengths for you to choose your maximum revs. in flight. They are easy to set up and reduce noise as well as increasing power.

A 7 chamber after silencing can is available as an option.

Manifold Systems come ready made in stainless steel or in do-it-yourself form.

We have a unique range of swaged thin wall bends and straight sections for you to silver solder the perfect manifold for those awkward installations.

Our range of proprietary manifolds to suit large engines is available for most current model engines in a L bend and swan neck manifold shape to ease installation.

Aluminium Spinners are available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, are made of the finest aircraft grade aluminium, extremely light and require only the recesses for your individual propeller to be cut. Due to the manufacturing process, they run perfectly true and, provided you have cut the prop recesses accurately, perfectly balanced. There is no step between spinner and backplate. They can be polished further to a high gloss or painted.

A range of adapters is available, to suit your own engine.

Mackay, 3W and Zenoah have crankshafts bores to accept the central screw fixing.