L 39 Albatros:

L39 Albatros    

Stuart Mackay Models are proud to bring you the absolute latest in Jet Model technology, designed and flown by Stephan Volker to win the 1999 German Jet Championships and 2nd place at the 1999 World Jet Championships, fitted with a Jetcat turbine.

The elegant lines of this Czech Trainer have been captured perfectly in the all epoxy glass components which include over 20,000 rivets and all surface details moulded to scale perfection.

It features plug in tail and a two piece wing for easy transportation and flies excellently, it has particularly docile take-off and approach characteristics, making it particularly suitable for those new to this fascinating aspect of the sport. The wings are already prepared for the retract system and also gap-free hingeing is featured.

The Albatros is just waiting for your Ramtec or equivalent size turbine to be installed to make a world-class model within a fraction of the time normally associated with this type of model.

Wingspan: 1.38 m (55 inch) Length:1.75 m (70 inch) Weight:6.5kg

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist

L39 Albratros

Optional retractable undercarriage with pneumatic brake system and control valves.

Turbine installation.

Wing/fuselage showing retract bays and pre-hinged control surfaces.
Stephan Volker and the flock of Albatroses in Thailand!